Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunshine and Lollipops

I had called this "Recovering a Step Stool", but thought that was WAY to boring.

A few months back, Miss 4 and I went out around the town to run some errands. 
We drove past one street that had a sign saying 'Garage Sale'.
I did what anybody in their right mind would do and went right to it!!
Miss 4 fell in love with a step stool thing. 
I let her get it for three reasons;
1. It brought back memories of my childhood
2. I hoped it would stop arguments over the 1 IKEA step we have 
3. It was $2 

Bless the girl, there was another one there that was in better condition, but she chose this one.

(forgot to take a picture before I pulled it apart, my bad)

The bottom wasn't too bad, just a bit out of shape, which hubby quickly fixed this morning.

After a quick extremely long trip to Spotlight to buy a staple gun, (can you believe hubby has a shed full of 'stuff' but no staple gun?!?!) this is what it looks like now.

Much better with some IKEA fabric (which doesn't seem to be available anymore).

Hope she likes it!!

Oh, and what's with Blogger turning all my photos the wrong way?!?!

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